I got tagged by Deb-All Things Raggedy

Yep…I got tagged by Deb, so now I have to fess up and list the 7 things (do I have 7 things–how presumptuous!) on my ”To Do List.”

Hmmmm….let’s see…………

1. Replace the glass globe on the back yard outside light. The original fell off and crashed to the pavement. (I got this one accomplished this morning and I changed the light bulb to one of those super energy effecient flourescent kinds! See the post below about readying for summer….)

2. Try to find a place to board my two dogs while we go on vacation the first week of July. These places fill up fast, so I better get my tail movin’!

3. Register my son online so he can take the ACT test this summer. (See how boring my list is?!!)

4. Start designing some NEW stuff…geeze, Em, the time has come!

5. Find time to do those polka dot sewing projects below.

6. Get all the mounds of fabric and wool I’ve inherited from my late mother in law up on eBay and out of here!!! Lordy…I’ve been blessed (not!!!) with having to deal with all her stuff!!! (My dining room is stacked to the gills with boxes upon boxes of fabric. Unfortunately, not the kind I need to make primitive doll dresses out of! AACK!)

7. Get my house cleared out and clean….it’s making me crazy.

8. Find 3 new people to tag so they, too, can share with the world their domestic ”To Do Lists”.

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