Maybe there’s hope for my dream after all….

I got to reading another blog by a woman named Jane LaFazio www.janeville.blogspot.com who is a ‘sometime’ art teacher. As I read her online journal, I found she does not teach classes at a school on a regular basis, rather she teaches occasionally at local quilt shops andlocal community centers. A light bulb went off in my head. As all of you who know me and read my blog are aware, my not becoming an art teacher is basically the only regret in my life that’s worth lamenting over. So what if I did as Jane does and teach art classes at places like my local park district? I could teach basic doll making, and then move on to collage, and other mediums as I became more attuned to standing in front of a classroom of people and gained confidence. I am so excited! This might be my way to finally do what I’ve always dreamed of! It may not pay well, but it’s a start. Who knows what it may lead to, but I’m willing to wait, work at it and find out where it takes me.

Tomorrow I’m calling my local park districts to find out how an Eager Beaver Wanna-Be art teacher goes about starting a class. I’ll let you all know as soon as I get it figured out! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

1 thought on “Maybe there’s hope for my dream after all….”

  1. Good luck!!

    I accidently became a sometimes art teacher. Starting out as volunteer basis at my son’s school which lead to getting paid for art classes.

    I’d do it on a volunteer basis again, because it is so rewarding. The kids truly love and need art!


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