There are many things I’d like to experience before I leave this earth.  Here is my ongoing  list of what tugs at my heart,  and I feel I need to get done before my life is over.  What’s on your ‘to do’ list?

    • Own a few donkeys and a little farm

    • Have my own column in a magazine

    • Bicycle all over Nantucket

    • Take yearly trips with friends

    • See a ghost

    • Lie down in a field of lavender

    • Take a mediterrean cruise

    • Make a perfect Jello pie

    • Grow an herb garden

    • Become an accomplished painter
    • Write a book

    • Tour New England and see all the historical sites

    • Take a few tropical vacations

    • Visit NYC at Christmas time

    • Take an art class in Paris

    • See the South of France

    • Visit Bali, Indonesia 

    • Get a tattoo

    • Become an accomplished knitter

      Paint and live off the sales of my work

    • Have my own art studio

      Become more spiritual

    • Take a family vacation with my two brothers and their families.


8 thoughts on “Aspirations

  1. I was looking at your blog and felt I was reading about myself I am going to be 48 in June..It is amazing how we think alike only you have a way of putting it all on paper or a blog…I am an color pencil artis..and I strugle to be the artist I know I am…every one in my life saying you could make a living doing that..It is not that easy is it..and I just want to do art because I love it not becasue I can make a $$$…I sent a request to be a friend on face book…so happy I ran across your blog.

  2. Hi Emily – Love Your Life Dreams List – Let’s see, we have a few in common: Visit Italy and Visit Bali … Write a Book Column … Be a published author … Hoping we can check these things off our lists … Love how you are so open with your ideas … Love your blog!

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