I tried.

Soon to be forgotten, but loved for a brief time.


















Last week my son was out on the porch very late with a friend and he came in and told me a yellow stray cat walked over on our porch and came right to him.  The cat was thin and very hungry and so very friendly.  Considering he was an obvious stray-a young intact male loaded with fleas, he had such a loveable heart.   He purred loudly and meowed at us.  He even liked to be held.  He was really  hungry.  We offered him bowl after bowl of food that he eagerly gobbled down.  We kept him in our garage overnight with the intention of bringing him to our local P.A.W.S. shelter in the morning so he can be checked out, given a flea bath and cared for.  During his night stay in our garage, my kids went out there and spent time with him, petted him and loved him.  He even jumped on my son’s chest and sat there.  He obviously loved people.  At least he loved us.

When we took him to the shelter the next morning, he was so good in the car, not an ouce of wildness to him.  You would never have thought he was homeless by his behaviour and disposition.

At the shelter, they put him in isolation for the fleas and so they could run tests on him to see if he was healthy.  I named him Percy so they had a name to refer to him  other than ‘orange tabby.’  I even told the staff I was very interested in adopting him if he gets neutered and is healthy.  They made the notation on the chart.  We said our good-byes to him and I was told to call back in a week to see how he’s doing.

I called P.A.W.S. today to see how he is.  I had made the decision to adopt him if  he was ready.  The lady on the other end of the phone couldn’t find his papers, and my heart began to sink.  I reminded her that he was a stray, brought in last week and had to be tested for diseases.  She told me to hold on-she had to check the ‘other’ paper.  She quickly returned to the phone, and with a low tone told me he had been euthanized.  He tested positive for Feline Leukemia.  I’m so sad.  I know I tried to help him, but I can’t help but feel like I brought him to his death.  He came to us and we brought him to a place that killed him.  I understand he was sick.  I understand it’s contageous, but I just feel really bad about it.  He had so much love in his little cat heart.

I hope somewhere, somehow,  that little guy knows I tried to help him. I really did.

16 thoughts on “I tried.”

  1. my daughter’s boyfriend had a cat who he thought had been neutered. Turns out it wasn’t, and it was an outdoor cat, and it had a litter. Turns out mommy and all the babies had Feline leukemia. My son adopted one, knowing baby wouldn’t live long but wanting to give her a good life while she was one earth, and she died within 6 mos of a massive abdominal tumor. It was very hard on him when she died, but she did have a good six months. They seldom keep them in the shelters are they are not often taken up for adoption and can’t be housed with the other cats. I’m sorry it happened this way, Em, but you did all you could do.


  2. You did the very best you could and were very kind to the cat. I totally understand. We adopted a gray kitten that we named Cosmo. It turned out when he was about 1 year old that he had Feline Leukemia. We took him to the vet numerous times for reg shots and check-ups and it never showed in the labs….the thing that we noticed once he hit 8-9 mos. was that he stopped growing more. He became overly lovey and lethargic. took him to the vet and that is waht they diagnosed. It has been 4 years and I still miss the little guy- he was one of the sweetest cats that we have had.


  3. Aww Em, I’m so sorry, I’ll cry with you, my heart is breaking for you and him, I lost my Gary to saddle thrombosis which is horrid in Jan, he was 7, it hits quickly and kills. Hugs, tears.


  4. Sorry to hear that, how sad. Well even though it hurts to think about the poor littel guy, at least he was fed and loved by you all before hand compared to dying in the street, getting hit by a car. You did good, you did the right thing. Besides it would have been even more horrible to see him suffer. He is at the rainbow bridge now happy and whole playing with the others.

    xoxo Laura


  5. wow i had almost the same thing happen while i was at my sisters house in Chicago Ridge …a beautiful little black cat with green eyes came into her yard …we dropped him at humane society he was such a sweet cat


  6. Em,

    It was a good thing you and the kids did. I have seen what happens to cats that die of feline leukemia and it is not pretty. A stray like that would have suffered even more than a pet. Nature can be cruel but people like you can make the life of an animal just a little better. I’m sure that he appreciates what you did for him.


  7. I’m so sorry 😦
    Feline Leukemia is an awful disease. Chances are he was already suffering. If you had not found him, he would have suffered a painful death out on the streets. He was allowed to died peacefully and with dignity.
    You did the right thing for him taking him to the shelter. I’m sorry it couldn’t have turned out differently for you. Please know that he is at peace now from his suffering.


  8. There was nothing more you could have done for the little guy. He would have suffered a lot if he had to die of Feline Leukemia, a bad way to go. Sorry it turned out this way, but you did help him by allowing the shelter to end his suffering. I’m sure he appreciates the love and attention you gave him.


  9. Oh no. Heartbreaking. But you did do your best to help him, and probably saved him from a lot of pain…
    Thank you, also, so much, for your very kind comment on my blog post about the passing of my cat. It is astounding how these little critters so easily find their way into our hearts. xoxo


  10. he knows!

    maybe you showed him the most love he had seen and felt in a long time.
    you did the best you could do- very sweet.
    i’m sorry for the little guy tho- and for you.


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