Quick and to the Point

Seven Things that Scare Me:

* Rats and maggots (disgust is more the feeling with the latter)

* Heights

* Driving too fast next to cement pylons

* Opening cylinders of biscuits with a spoon and waiting for the “POP!”

* The chance that I can get dimensia when I’m old

* Riding my bike over our local highway overpass

* Not having enough money to survive
Seven Things I Like to do:

* Snuggle with my husband
* Ride my bike
* blogging/writing

* Being artistic and creating things

*Curling up with a good book

* Watching Project Runway

*Hanging out with girlfriends

Seven Random Facts About Me:

* I’ve been to NYC just for fun 5 times without my husband
* I’m a natural blonde

* I only dated one guy when I was young and I ended up marrying him.  In August we had our 25th wedding anniversary.

* I once got a surprise phone call from Faith Sullivan, the author of one of my favorite books, The Cape Ann

* I received a hand written letter of apology from Chris Noth who plays Mr. Big  in Sex and the City.  Long story.

* Although I love God and believe in Him, I hate to go to church, and haven’t been to a service in well over a year.

* I once had a four page article written about myself and my business in Country Marketplace magazine.  It was complete with a big picture of me and many of my doll designs.
Seven Things I want to Do Before I Die:

* Visit France, including Paris

*Be much thinner and healthy.

* Learn how to read a knitting pattern and then begin to knit like a diva

* Have read a lot of the classics and all of Stephen King’s books

* Live in my downtown Chicago townhouse and walk everywhere I need to go

* Have made a sizable living selling my art

* Write a book (or two) and have it published

Seven Things I Can Do Well:

* I’m really good at improvising a tool to get a task done

* Design dolls and make them

*Write (some would say)

* I have a positive attitude

* Planning themed events
*I have beautiful penmanship

* I’m a good wife

Seven Things I Can’t Do But Wish I Could:

* Run
* Speak confidently to an audience
* Find all my old friends and renwew our friendships
* Speak French
* Understand taxes and real estate lingo
* Have an interesing journalism  job in a news room or the White House

* Maintain an apartment in NYC so I’d have a place to stay whenever I had an urge to visit the Big Apple.

Seven Phrases I’m Known to Use:

* For Christ’s Sake!

* (said in my best mafia accent when my kids swear) “You kiss ya muddah wit dat mout?”

* “What’s her face
* “Outside go pee?”  (to the dog)
* What Larry?!!!

* Give me a break.
* Are you freakin’ crazy?

Seven of my favorite things

  • Black turtle necks
  • my black yoga pants
  • cats
  • my bike
  • books
  • my computer
  • beautiful yarn and knitting needles

I invite you to be Quick and to the Point….blog about your own personal series of Sevens.

6 thoughts on “Quick and to the Point”

  1. Great post. I like the quick and to the point approach being a BIG fan of lists. When I get a moment, I’ll have to make my lists. I’ll be sure to let you know. We share lots of similar things like black turtlenecks, wishing I could run, positive attitude, being artistic and creative, and fear of driving fast next to cement pylons (to name a few).


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