Peace and quiet and Jane Eyre

Thursday I took a little road trip with my friend Laura to Davenport, Iowa. She had a presentation to make at the Radisson Hotel there and was driving up by herself, so she asked me to come along for the ride. It was only 24 hours and God knows I need a little P & Q-I am a mother of 5 you know.

I had plently of alone time and I just relished it. I got to the hotel, took a nap on the Sleep Number bed (how cool is that?) then awoke to do an art journal. I thought I’d be more in the mood to do some creative pages, but I had a bit of a headache. What I really was in the mood for was Jane Eyre. I popped 3 Motrin then snuggled up in the overstuffed, red hotel chair and devoured about 5 chapters. The room was quiet and lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed my down time. I could use a day like this once a week.

5 thoughts on “Peace and quiet and Jane Eyre”

  1. Sounds like a little piece of heaven! Last time I went to Vegas with my husband and his friend, they went out to gamble and my feet were tired from tromping up and down the strip in high heels (well, ya know…it’s Vegas baby…gotta look the part), so I stayed behind, took a jacuzzi bubble bath and read….pure heaven…I can relate.
    How great for you!


  2. aww…that sounds amazing! I only have one at home right now, but I would still love a day like that. I can do it at home, but the guilt of not doing something else kind of gets in the way of the pure joy. Good for you!


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