Got caught by a bug…

Yep, I have fallen victim-of a cold that is. It started with a very mild sore throat about 5 days ago, and this has been the slowest moving cold virus I think I’ve ever contracted. I just got the full blown cold around late evening last night. I’ve had lots of sneezing–violent sneezing in fact…sneezing that made me have to cross my knees to prevent leaks. Okay, we all know I had 5 kids vaginally. Need I say more?

Just tonight, after a sneeze, I felt this hot rush zip through the veins of my breasts and it was almost painful. My husband said he’s had that too, (not through his breasts!–but through his chest and stomach.) It happened a second and third time and it is scary, painful and quick. It must be blood surging quickly after my vascular muscles contract from the process of sneezing. At least I hope that is what it is!

So, I’m off to get a full nights sleep. My new bed partner is a box of Kleenex. Ugh, do I hate colds. The drippy nose is the worse!

3 thoughts on “Got caught by a bug…”

  1. Oh poor Em….i hope you are feeling a little better now {it is Thursday morning, Australia time..lol}. Nothing worse than a summer cold..Take care.
    luv Ann.xx


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